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    1. Is your resort has entrance fee?  Does it include the accommodation?
The resort entrance fee is Php150 for adult and Php75 per head for the kids (below 4ft). Swimming pool and beach use included in
the entrance fee.  Entrance fee is additional to any accommodation you would get.

    2. How do we get to Dalampasigan Beach Resort?
Click here

    3. Can we bring our own foods?
Bringing of foods is allowed.  However, there's a corresponding corkage fee.  Outside caterer is not allowed.  Bringing of foods and
beverages are strictly prohibited at the swimming pool area.

    4. What is the standard check in and check out time ?
Day check in 8am and check out 4pm.  Overnight check in 3pm and check out 12pm.

    5. What is the resort swimming time?  
Swimming time from 8am in the morning and until 10pm in the evening only.

    6. Do you have any restriction for using of videoke?
Videoke rentals start at 8am up to 12:00 midnight only.

    7. What is the standard time for inquiries and touring hours?
Inquiries and touring hours are from 8:00am up to 6:00pm.  We allow 3-5 persons for the ocular inspection.  Please fill up our ocular
inspection form online.  As soon as we received the notice, ocular gate pass will be sent to the registered email.

    8. How can we avail to your catering services?
Catering services can be used by group of 20 pax and above.  Please contact us or thru email at dalampasiganresort@gmail.com.

    9. Do you have parking area?
Yes, we do.  A parking area located right in the front of the resort is free for our guest's vehicles.  We have ample parking space that
can accommodate of 150 buses for free.

    10. Do you have corporate packages?
Please contact us or through email at dalampasiganresort@gmail.com  or sales.reservation@dalampasigan.net  for corporate
package.You may also post your inquiry at our website  indicating your full name, company name, contact person, name of function,
number of guests, meals, and accommodation required.

    11. What is the swimming attire/s required?
Must be in proper swimming attire, T-shirt, sando and shorts are allowed but we encourage light colored.  Strictly no zippers or
buttons.  Click here for resort Guidelines.

    12. Can we use the resort for exclusive use?
We do entertain for the exclusive use of the resort.  Please contact us or thru email.

    13. Do you accept credit cards for payment?  What currencies do you accept for payment?
We do not accept any credit cards for payment.  We accept Philippine peso.

    14. Do you have a pictorial rates?
Our prenuptial pictorials fee is Php2,500 per day 8a:00am  to 5:00pm additional entrance fee of P150 per head.

    15. Can we rent your picnic huts or open cottages areas for overnight?
All open cottages such as anahaw huts, elevated huts, anahaw hall, picnic hall are for day use but we also allow the guests to use for
overnight.  The overnight rates will be applied.

    16. Are meals included in your room rates?
Meals are not included in any room rates.  The meals will bill separately.

    17. Do you have rooms or houses with cooking facilities?
The resort does not allow cooking in any room or patio.  We have designated cooking area.

    18. Do you have a restaurant or convenient store?
We have a convenient store and restaurant.  Open from 8:00am up to 10:00pm daily.

    19. If we have any other questions, can we inquire online?
Please contact us for further questions.

    20. Can we make a reservation request online?
The reservation online does not imply a confirmation booking.  All bookings are subject to availability of the facilities.  Please contact
us for making reservations.

    21. What equipments or any other materials that are strictly prohibited at the resort?
Deadly weapons and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited within the premises of the resort.

    22. Are PETS allowed inside the resort?
Sorry, pets are not allowed.

    23. Is the management liable for any loss of our valuables inside the resort?
The management will not be liable for any loss of our guest's valuables.  Please secure them properly.

    24. Is there have any charge for   lost or misplaced room key/key chain?
The management will charge P200.00 per key for a lost key.

    25. There is no one answering your phone lines after 5:00pm in the afternoon?
Please call us from 8:00am to 6:00pm.  You may also contact our online inquiry.
Call Us:  (632) 668.7527  Mobile:  0920.968.2279 | 0922.820.2758 | 0917.564.1938
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