Dahlia rooms are situated in the swimming pool area.  All ground floors are equipped with veranda.  Each room has their own shower and bath.  A short walk will get you to the beach.  
Please be aware of the sleeping and maximum capacity of each room. for guests over the sleeping and within the maximum capacity, mattress, blankets and pillows will be provided with an additional charge.
Children under 2 years old - Free. Children below 4feet in height sharing the same room pay the additional mattress. Children 4feet and above in height pay adult rates.
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Jasmine room  a 3-storey room designed for family or big group situated at the beach front and swimming pool good for 15 persons maximum of 20 pax. P18,000
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Dahlia Deluxe - 2 king size beds with wide veranda 1st floor P9,700
1st floor P5,800
Suite  with 7 single beds 2 nd floor P9,100
Superior with 4 single beds 2nd floor  P5,600
Suite - 8 single beds 2nd floor P9,700
Superior 1 queen bed 1st floor P5,800
Standard 2 double beds 3rd floor P4,600
Superior 3 single beds 1st floor P6,000
Superior 2 single & 1 queen beds 1st floor  P6,600
Deluxe 5 double beds 1st floor  P9,500
Suite 3 double & 1 king size beds 1st floor P9,200
Suite 6 double beds 1st floor P10,300
Suite 5 double beds 2nd floor P9,500
Suite 6 double beds 2nd floor P10,300
Suite 8 single beds with attic 2nd floor P9,200
Deluxe 4 double beds 2nd floor P8,700
Standard 1 full size bed 2nd floor P3,800
Standard 2 single beds 2nd floor P3,800
Deluxe with 5 single beds 2nd floor  P6,900
Dahlia Deluxe - 3 single beds with wide veranda 1st floor P9,100
Superior 3 single beds 1st floor  P6,600
Superior 3 single beds 2nd floor  P5,800
Deluxe 5 single & 1 queen beds 2nd floor P8,000
Suite 7 double beds attic room 3rd floor P11,100
Deluxe 4 double beds attic room 3rd floor P8,700
Suite 8 double beds attic room 2 bedrooms
3rd floor P17,500
Barangay Guis-guis, Sariaya, Quezon, Philippines